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May 2014 New web-site coming up soon! Stay tuned and while waiting have a look at the projects in works at our Forum

Dec 2011 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our existing and future customers, friends, families and all the good people!

June 2011 A conceptual pair of amazing hollow-body Caprice T builds are scheduled for this fall. Brazilian and Indian rosewood and curly redwood featured as timbers choice! Stay tuned!

May 2011 Bare Knuckle pickups are officially an option for most of our models.

Apr 2011 We're proud to announce that in the nearest future ViK pickups will exclusively be available on some of our models.

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Caprice S7 meets Mesa Road king!

Endorsers' news:

Pay whatever you want and download ENDITOL kickass album directly from their site.
Download RED SEAS FIRE's new amazing minialbum free directly from band's site!